Growth Mindset Yeti Ltd ® brings you ‘Growth Mindset’ material designed for Nursery and Early Years Educators and for parents with children under eight.

We're passionate about working to hold back the 'attainment gap' from the earliest stage in education, so that the playing field can be levelled to give every child the opportunity to meet their potential.

Our website complements our stories and teaching packs and offers additional information to help embed Growth Mindset in both the classroom and at home. We hope to work with you to help your children grow in confidence, become resilient learners and be happy to take on new challenges. In other words ... to develop a GROWTH MINDSET.  

"Growth Mindset Yeti is a fantastic program and I have loved watching the children change their mindset towards their work and mistakes!"

“I would highly recommend this programme to teach children about Growth Mindset.”

"The Yetis are a really great way of introducing Growth Mindset into the classroom and the learners really grabbed hold of the idea."

What is Growth Mindset?

The concept of 'Growth Mindset' was developed by Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. She developed the concept of both growth and fixed mindsets, believing that the mindset carried by a person can have a profound effect on many dimensions of life, such as learning achievement, picking up new skills, building relationships and achieving professional success.

A person with a FIXED MINDSET believes that intelligence or talent are traits fixed at birth and cannot be changed, no matter how much effort is put into trying. 

A person with a GROWTH MINDSET believes that most basic abilities can be developed through determination and hard work and intelligence and talent are just a starting point. Having a growth mindset develops a resilient, persistent learner who enjoys being challenged. A great explanation of the concept can be found in this video.