School and Nursery Staff Testimonials

Sharon Laing - Head Teacher

Growth Mindset Yeti has brought transformational, engaging change to St Pius Primary School and Nursery.  Through staff training and the launch of the 'Growth Mindset Yeti' programme in the nursery and with P1 - P3, our staff and pupils are engaging with material they can make a true connection with.  The resources are well matched to the level of our learners and the children just love the characters. Everything is brought to life through the stories and soft toys. They really have thought of everything! 

Liam Sturrock - Head of Learning Support

All of our staff, both teaching and support staff, have benefited from Growth Mindset workshops and CLPL sessions which were well pitched and full of high level messages and take away strategies for all practitioners. We have been able to see a great increase in staff confidence in supporting Growth Mindset in school through their training and development. It has been particularly beneficial to see that all staff have been supported in using this as a whole school strategy and approach to supporting and challenging our learners.

Our infant classes have embraced “Yeti” resources as a fun and exciting way to develop their knowledge of growth mindset and their skills in applying this in their everyday lives. The stories have been well supported with a range of other key materials, including hands-on materials, learning materials and adapted resources to suit the learning in particular classes. We are already seeing an impact in our infant department in terms of learners self-esteem and ability to cope with challenges in the classroom. We are looking forward to rolling out this approach to all of our classes, and we are also very excited to be supported by Growth Mindset Yeti providing a programme of parent learning workshops during our upcoming nursery transition.

Orietta Bell - Senior Early Years Practitioner

We have all (children and staff) loved meeting and welcoming Dot and Yet to our nursery. The programme is designed in a simple but effective way that develops excitement, wonder and creates problem-solving opportunities for the children. The children have really taken to the concept of practising and trying (grr moments), understanding that they might not be there YET, but this will help them reach their ‘roar’ moments. The cuddly Yeti’s have been an added bonus, with the children taking and interest in nurturing them into nursery life.

Class Teacher Feedback

“Growth Mindset us a useful tool to build learners confidence and resilience. The Yetis are a really great way of introducing this concept into the classroom and the learners really grabbed hold of the idea of the real live yetis in the class.”

“My class and I have loved having Yet and Dot in our classroom. The children have responded well to the program and I have observed a positive change in the quality of work children are producing, their attitude towards approaching tasks and the encouragement they give peers. The Growth Mindset Yeti program has been simple to implement as a practitioner yet has had a significant impact on the children's mindset. It is adaptable and as a school we have used it for various lessons and for presenting the children's learning through a class assembly. Carol has been wonderful and has made the implementation of this program easy. She has kept communication with the school throughout the implementation which has been beneficial. My class love our tray yeti's; from creating 'tray beds' for them to using them to encourage them when they are finding work tricky. It's a fantastic program and I have loved watching the children change their mindset towards their work and mistakes. Thank you Carol!”

“I would highly recommend this programme to teach children about Growth Mindset.”

“The children have loved meeting Dot and Yet and having them in our nursery. Through using the yetis children have been able to relate to them as they are on their level being toys. The children know the yetis names and regularly look to play with them in the nursery and enjoyed the stories and completing the daily challenges finding out more about the yetis and making them feel at home in the nursery.”

Evaluation Feedback

“It has been easy to pick up and implement in the class as it is well explained and resourced, the children love the yetis!”

“The Growth Mindset Yeti materials have been very easy to use within the classroom. All of the planning and preparation is done for you and it is simple to implement within the class.”

“The step by step guide was so easy to follow and great for introducing Growth Mindset. The children loved the activities and really fell in love the with yetis.”

“Dot and Yet have become two well-loved members of our classroom. The initial letters and the arrival of the yeti's was effective in grabbing their attention, sparking conversations and making the learning meaningful. The children are frequently involving the yeti's in role play and are using the Growth Mindset language more naturally as a result.”

“The kids were very invested in the yetis from the beginning. Rather than it just being a story, the characters made it more real and relevant for learning.”

“The letters and activities have been brilliant. They are easy to prepare for the class teacher and memorable and exciting for the children. It has been wonderful to see the integration of Growth Mindset language in all areas of the children's learning. It has made the language more accessible for the children and they relate well to the program.”

“Very effective for my P 1 class. They loved finding out what the yetis had been up to every day and helping the yetis to feel more comfortable.”